Kyle Coburn

2019 In Reading

This Is How You Lose the Time War. My last book of 2019 stole the show. I have a real soft spot for short form, and this was just what I've been looking for since the eponymous entry of Stories of Your Life and Others (the one made into the film Arrival).

I was proud to finish my first novel-length book in French, Harry Potter à l'École des Sorciers. I had very little exposure to the simple past tense (which is mostly literary only these days), which added a little confusion, and I knew hardly any of the "said" words (sighed, groaned, etc.). I found it endlessly amusing how wands are referred to simply as baguettes...

J'en suis désolé, mais c'est moi qui ai vendu la baguette responsable de cette cicatrice.

Le Petite Prince is next, and then hopefully something I haven't previously read in English.

I also read the manga The Promised Neverland in Japanese this year, though it's frustrating how much higher my reading level is in French when my speaking and vocabulary level is so much lower.