Kyle Coburn

A Different World

There’s a world where Facebook, WeChat, et. al. aren’t central to billions of humans. Where the web didn’t explode into the mass market so quickly, leaving time for compelling, distributed (i.e. not centrally-owned by flavors of “don’t be evil”) networks to grow to prominence on the backs of a less-messy RSS spec. In other words, it’s a world that never stood much of a chance.

Here, the consequences of this failure have brewed for a long time. Mark Zuckerberg started a hot or not app in his dorm, and after his company marketed itself to political operatives touting their unprecedented targeting effectiveness, he was offended even to be asked about it: “to think [Facebook] influenced the election in any way is a pretty crazy idea”, while investigating a run for president.

Though the open web might have lost, you’ll continue not to find me on Facebook. Instead I’ll tilt at windmills on this blog (probably expect a post a year but hey), which is subscribable to with any modern RSS client. Or check in manually should you care to.